Kiko’s Lip Volume

kiko’s Lip Volume is a little like a soothing blanket for your lips with the added ‘plump’.

It plumps your lips without the cosmetic price or needles for that matter. This product can be known as an active lip balm if you like because thats exactly what it feels like. It apply to the lips so well and the results are visible with constant use.

This product activates the collagen within your lips and all for an affordable £6.90. It leaves results of fuller and re shaped lips when used twice a week for seven days a week. This product has an active ingredient formula that increases the lips tone,volume and hydration levels. I find this product works best in the in the winter when your lips can become dry in the cold and sore.

This product has a creamy texture with the ingredients working a stimulative formula filling effect with hyaluronic acid which is natural skin filler that has a volumising and smoothing effect. This products action also stimulates your skins natural production of elastin and its collagen adding support to help your lips structure and decreases your lips first sign of anti ageing.

This product is Hypoallergenic.

Product size-15ml

Application- Twice daily in circular motions from the corners of your lips working you way to the middle so your lips can fully absorb



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